Our Company and Values

With over 25 years caring for loved ones, we are proud to be at the heart of caring for everyone who lives and works in our homes.

Our Values

Family and Community

We know how important family is, which is why we provide a caring environment that reflects all the values you would expect to find in a loving home.

Invest for the Best

We invest in all our family.

The people who live in our homes are at the centre of everything we do. We want to respect their choices, dignity and uniqueness to enrich their lives with us.

Our carers give their all and we support each other with helping hands, praise, recognition and the continuous training and development to make us the best at caring and living together.

Pride and Time

We take pride in our lovely homes, we take pride in what we do and we take time to spend together as a family and a community. Big things matter and little things matter too!

“We take the time because it’s the little things that matter”.

Leading Healthcare Professionals

We are recognised throughout Northern Ireland as one of the most dedicated Senior Healthcare Organisations.

Number of Homes

Number of Staff

Number of Residents

A Leading Employer

Conway Group Healthcare employs more than 700 staff across Northern Ireland. 

For over 25 years Therese Conway has been leading the care teams, all of whom are directly involved with providing high quality care for our residents.

Therese’s ‘hands on’ approach means that day or night, you’ll often find her in one of our eight homes, ensuring residents needs are being met.

Responsible for the day-to-day running of our homes, Therese also oversees the selection of staff and regularly asks the question: ‘Would I like this person to look after my family?’


Brooklands Dunmurry

Highly Commended Nursing Home of the Year 2017 – Highly Commended for the facilitation of learning to students

Brooklands Dunmurry

‘Best in the West’ Runner-Up Award to Patricia Brown – Activity Co-ordinator Colin Youth Development Awarded for their interaction with residents during weekly visits

Shaun Daly of Brooklands Healthcare, Dunmurry who won Best Care Assistant Award 2019 at the “Best in the West Awards”

Kilwee Care Home

Colin Youth won an award for volunteering in Kilwee Care Home

Brooklands Kilkeel

Healthcare Assistant of the Year 2019     Christine Spiers

Brooklands Magherafelt

Staff Nursing Awards – Highly Commended Nursing Home of the Year

Cottage Care Home

Staff Member Shortlisted for Nurse of the Year Award

Brooklands Antrim

Dementia Residential Unit Manager, Christina Carson, highly commended at the Staff Nursing Awards – Senior Healthcare Assistant of the Year Category

Supporting Stories that Underpin Our Values

We take the time because it's the little thing that matter…..

“A male resident was admitted to our Home – very well dressed in his attire of shirt, tie and suit.  His independence with personal care was encouraged and he managed well with this.  Over the first few weeks of admission staff and his family noticed that he was becoming more confused, unable to button his shirt and do up his tie.  In order to assist with his confusion, family purchased polo shirts, enabling him to continue to dress himself but without the frustration of not being able to button up his shirt.

This initially worked well until he was found to be putting on more clothing on over the top of what he already had on. He continued with this practice until staff discussed ways of discouraging him from adding layers of clothing.

Identifying the resident prior to admission, his previous lifestyle and choice of clothing were all considered and it was decided to revert back to his shirt and tie, but with staff taking the lead in assisting him with his personal care in the mornings.

On a particular morning, the gentleman was assisted with dressing and with buttoning up his shirt and putting on his tie. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and said “That’s Me”, the first time in weeks that his confusion was less evident and he recognised the man in the mirror.”

You will enjoy working with us as part of our staff family where individuals are respected, treated fairly and achievements are recognised…..

“Staff in our Home were devastated by the loss of a colleague who died suddenly after 14 years working as a care assistant. Her death had been sudden and came as a great shock to the staff and Residents.

During this time staff supported each other and also the family of our colleague. We had a collection for her family and the Directors doubled the amount we collected which was a great help to her family at that difficult time.

Recently staff have purchased a bench for the Resident’s garden with our colleague’s name on it in her memory. This is something the Residents appreciated as it made them feel involved and part of the Homes “ family”.

This highlights that staff respect each other and are more than just work colleagues but also good friends within and outside the Home. It has also highlighted that the Directors acknowledged the loss of a committed and loyal employee as part of the Conway Group Family.”

We believe in strong family values to deliver compassionate, heart centred and sincere care. Our residents are at the heart of all that we do…..

“One of our Residents had become quite distressed and anxious looking to see her deceased family.   It was arranged that a staff member would take her to see her house. Once she had seen that it was locked and safe she was much happier. They also visited her last work place and then went on to visit the local graveyard where her family were buried.

The next day they went back with flowers and tidied the grave. After this the Resident had a much better sense of well-being.”

Our Residents enjoy life to the full by creating new memories and gaining a sense of belonging and self-worth…..

“One of our residents had little personal effects in her bedroom and didn’t have much family structure to support her. Staff were able to put together a few items such as pictures, ornaments etc. to make her bedroom feel more like home.

When the resident seen her transformed bedroom, she cried with delight and said ‘I can’t believe anybody would do this for me’. She took great pride in showing her room off to other staff.”

We praise and recognise our staff for all the little things they do…..

Conway Group Healthcare have invested in a staff award system called the ‘Gold Heart Award’. This is an award that recognises the little things that staff do and where they go the extra mile. Staff can be nominated by residents, relatives or staff.

We invest in our staff by facilitating their growth and development through continual support and encouragement…..

“A member of staff worked in our home as a care assistant while she was a student nurse. She was so impressed by the support given to new staff. The friendly and homely atmosphere where everyone is treated like part of our family encouraged her to make the decision to apply for a preceptorship position.

She is keen to further her training and with our support and guidance and her own development she will commence her mentorship training in the new year.”


We take ownership and pride in the presentation of our homes and we manage our resources efficiently without waste…..

“We take pride in the presentation of our home, which has a very welcoming atmosphere and has been described by many as a “home from home”. Families are encouraged to personalise their relative’s rooms, so that they can feel a part of our family. Visitors always compliment staff on the cleanliness and freshness of the environment, and the friendly ambience throughout. The calming atmosphere gives everyone a sense of well-being.”

Groups and societies Conway Group Healthcare are proud to work with.