– Brooklands Healthcare, Antrim –

Postcards of kindness, What a fantastic initiative!
Senior Care Assistant, Kenzie implemented this brilliant idea into the nursing home. ‘Postcards of kindness’ is a group devised by ‘Your Health Ltd’. This is a social forum that allows globetrotters to share postcards with residents in nursing homes, anywhere in the world. Check out their facebook page!
Staff at Brooklands believe that the postcards our residents receive help combat loneliness and and reminds them that there’s always somebody thinking of them – regardless of where in the world the postcards have come from. Imagine being able to travel the world alongside card writers while sharing their holiday adventures; residents’ memories are stirred and imaginations piqued!
Staff members send postcards too whilst taking some well deserved holiday time!

At present, our resident Leo is following the adventures of Agnes the dog!

This has been a massive hit within the home and has created such a colourful, magical environment!